Friday night, why not spend it at Bethel Woods listening to the band Rain– a tribute to the Beatles?  I am too young to have had the opportunity to see the Beatles live, but have grown up listening to their music and understanding they were icons in the music industry.   In the 1960’s, these four young men from Liverpool, Paul, George, Ringo and John influenced the youth and changed our music.  The Beatles songs were about peace, love and rebellion and they lasted for generations. The tribute band members began the show by singing “She Loves You,” followed by “Last Night I Said These Words to My Girl”. As they sang all time favorites they displayed memorable times and serious events in history on the screen – even bringing us back to 1966 comparing the Beatles to Jesus Christ and how the government was promoting the “Beatles boycott”.   Leaving the stage to change costumes to remind the crowd of the 60’s and 70’s when the Beatles performed and produced their many different albums.    Rain sang so many old time classics like “I want to Hold Your Hand”, “Yesterday,” “Help”,  “Day Tripper”, “Twist and Shout”, “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, ”Yellow Submarine”, “With a Little Help From  My Friend”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Let It Be”, and on and on.  The crowd joined in, knowing lyrics to every song. Intermission left Beatle fans reminiscing over the old time commercials and cartoons portrayed on the screen; Country Cornflakes, Fred and Barney from the Flintstones smoking a Winston cigarette—showing us all how times have changed.  Then a product all women in the 60’s were familiar with, Dippity Do Setting Gel and displaying how young women really did iron their hair to straighten it.There was three generations of fans in the audience, all being reminded of the musical mystery tour the Beatles originally took them on.  With a little imagination, Rain brought us back to those special times  over the past years as we enjoyed a Friday night at Bethel Woods, relaxing at the venue, remembering what was and singing some of our favorite songs of all times. 

As Carlos Santana entered the stage at Bethel playing “Soul Sacrifice” you could close your eyes and only imagine being front row at Woodstock at what I hear was an amazing performance in 1969.  An artist ahead of his time playing Afro Latino rock/blues, Carlos Santana for over 40 years paved the way for Spanish artists around the world.  Singing all time great hits such as “No One to Depend On”, “Black Magic Women”, “Oye Como Va”, “Maria, Maria,” “Evil Way”, and many more.  Carlos Santana is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, a classic performer who is known as a “rare instrumentalist who can be identified by one note.”  Releasing his latest album, Corazon just a few weeks  before this performance with an award winning line up of Gloria Estefan, Ziggy Marley, Miguel, and Nina Pastori just to name a few.  Carlos Santana’s life has been devoted to activism and humanitarian causes.  He reflected from the stage that when he arrived at Woodstock in 1969, he had one expectation, to be “elevated” and had that same expectation today.  As he walked over and took a puff on what appeared to be a joint, I thought how the governor was about to announce the changes in legalizing marijuana in NYS.  Woodstock was a time individuals were yearning for freedom; whether religious or political, and a willingness to express their views through music, drugs and rock and roll which ultimately has changed the world.Seeing his performance from the front row tonight, even for only a few minutes, allowed me to feel his energy and listen to his signature guitar sound and love for music.  What an awesome experience!

The start of the summer has begun!!!   I attended the first concert of the season –LADY ANTEBELLUM –Take Me Downtown Tour–with at least 12,000 other fans and I am ecstatic about kicking off the concert series coverage on my site.  Sunday, June 1st I saw Lady Antebellum perform at my favorite hometown venue Bethel Woods in Bethel, NY.  The opening act began with country artist Joe Nichols.  There was something special about Joe Nichols that night… During his performance Joe came down into the audience.  As he connected with the crowd and energized the audience, he walked right into me when I was trying to take his picture.  As he engaged the audience, the atmosphere changed from a relaxing night into a roar from the crowd getting ready to greet Lady Antebellum and the magnificent show that was about to happen.  Leave it to Bethel Woods–you barely had time to get a hot dog and drink before Billy Currington performed.   Billy played his original hits, told the crowd he didn’t have a set list and asked them to yell out what they wanted to hear.  He ended with a tribute to Garth Brooks by singing his award winning song “Friends in Low Places” and getting us all excited for the main event to begin.  Within minutes, Lady Antebellum hit the stage and played all their #1 hits! During their show they spent time in the crowd, greeting fans and shaking hands while continuing to perform.   The band made their way to the second stage in the middle of the pavilion and performed for the audience who were hyped up and captivated by the artists.  What a perfect way to start the summer concert season.  The weather was perfect, the night began so relaxing, spending time with friends and family and it turned into a huge party that only Bethel Woods knows how host.  This flawless show was followed up by an invite for a meet and greet with Joe Nichols who spent personal time with each guest and invited them to his face book page where he shared the pictures and the memories.  If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you purchase tickets to LADY ANTEBELLUM’s Take Me Downtown Tour.  You won’t be disappointed.