Shawna and LaLa review the Skylight Digital Frame. Skylight is a touch-screen photo frame you can send photos to by email or cell phone app from anywhere! Keep connected to loved ones far away this holiday season and all year around! Skylight is easy to setup and easy to use. This is the perfect gift for parents or grandparents!

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LaLa shows off a quick sneak peek of Aventon's Pace 500 E-bike. This bike goes up to 28 mph. Once the snow melts, we will post a full review video and show how it works and how insanely cool this bike is!

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Shawna and LaLa received this beautiful customized gift basket from Cookies By Design. Cookies By Design hand decorates each cookie and can put any design, logo or picture you wish on their cookies to make them personable. They are the best tasting cookies we have ever tasted!

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