Rules & Regulations

  1. In initial pitch, please include information on item(s) including photos, website and price of item(s). Items must be available in Mass Retail Stores and/or Amazon.

  2. Must send press kit / one sheet along with products in mail.

  3. Must send 3 of items unless otherwise approved. (1 for Shawna, 1 for LaLa to review and 1 for potential giveaway)

  4. Items sent for feature will NOT be returned/refunded.

  5. Products are reviewed on a first come first serve basis due to high volume meaning there could be a number of products prior to yours being reviewed. 

        Review will be featured on film, and/or radio, website, YouTube, or Social Media sites.

        You will be notified when your product is reviewed and featured.  Links of coverage will be sent.  We will tag companies in our coverage.  

        Shawna and LaLa ask that you share their coverage as well across social media platforms.

Please ship all products to

Shawna and LaLa On The Radio 

PO Box 507

Slate Hill, NY 10973

If you cannot ship to a PO box or have any questions,

please e-mail


We receive no payment or other compensation for reviews of products or services other than the product themselves. 
Unless explicitly stated, we have no affiliation or relationship with the supplier of a product being reviewed.


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